Mungo National Park


Yanga National Park

  1. Mungo National Park, Balranald
    Mungo Sunset Tour
  2. Balranald
    Your hosts Paulina & German
  3. Yanga Full Day Tour
    Yanga Full Day Tour
  4. Mungo National Park, Balranald
    Bearded Dragon
  5. Mungo National Park Sunset Tour
    Mungo Sunset Tour


Welcome to Outback Geo Adventures
Area of Exploration
We are the closest operator from Sydney and Melbourne running tours to Mungo National Park and Yanga National Park. No need to travel all the way to Mildura to enjoy the wonders of our region. 
We are an award winning Geotourism operator based in Balranald, NSW specialising in tours to Mungo National Park and the heritage listed Willandra Lakes and the astonishing floodplains and wetlands of Yanga National Park.

Our aim is to give an all encompassing "Geo" approach to your experience based on the principles and dimensions of knowledge that Geotourism intends to promote and sustain.

For us it is essential that as part of your experience you clearly understand Balranald's unique sense of place and identity.

Your hosts Paulina and German.
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About Balranald, NSW
Gateway to Mungo National Park

Once considered the end of the Line, Balranald now is a stopping place on the Sturt Highway, that forms the direct link between Sydney and Adelaide. First settled in the 1840s on the site of a fording place of the Murrumbidgee River it gained importance during the river-boat days as a service port for the wool industry. Balranald now services the surrounding grain, sheep, cattle and viticulture industries. Apart from the areas grazed, the country around contains mallee, rosewood and belah woodland and contrasts with the closer settled Victorian side of the Murray River.
Distances by car from major centres

  • Adelaide to Balranald via Euston 550km
  • Canberra to Balranald 638km
  • Hay to Balranald 132km
  • Melbourne to Balranald via Bendigo 482km
  • Mildura to Balranald via Euston 162km
  • Swan Hill to Balranald via Nyah 99km
  • Sydney to Balranald 853km
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