Mungo National Park


Yanga National Park

Mungo Sunset Tour
In Search of Australia's Ice Age.
All Year-round*
Fully Air-conditioned Vehicle

This award winning tour usually runs from September to April as a way to avoid the high temperatures that can occur during that time of the year. Great time of the year to visit the park. 


​8 hours, pick up from your place of accommodation 'Balranald area'. Usually pick up time will be 5 hours before the Sun sets. 

Trip Includes:
  • All meals and plenty of water. We keep lots of "treats" on board the vehicle at all time. 
  • Visit the Historical Homebush Pub (Closed on Mondays).
  • Afternoon cuppa at Mungo's Visitor Centre and Meeting Place. 
  • Guided walk to the Walls of China and Sunset Picnic on top of the walls.

  • $160 per person (2 person min),
  • Family (2 Adults & 2 Children) $460,
  • Child $80 
 Accommodation in   Balranald
We are fluent in Spanish. Por si es que no se habian dado cuenta somos mas Chilenos que los porotos. 
Due to the unpredictable nature of travelling to remote areas, our itineraries are flexible and may change due to local conditions.
*​​This tour can be conducted all year round, but preferably during the warmer months from September to April. 
*Custom tours available to suit your needs, group deals welcome!
Special Diet
Whether you are diabetic, vegetarian or are on a gluten-free diet, all you need to do is let us know your special requirements when you book, and we can organise anything you need. 
What to Bring
Good walking shoes, hat, camera, extra batteries, extra memory card, water and sunscreen. We'll supply all the rest. 
Please click here to download a list of accommodation providers in Balranald.
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  1. Mungo Sunset Tour
    Major Mitchell's Cockatoo - Lophochroa leadbeateri
  2. Mungo Sunset Tour
    German guiding you to the top of the walls.
  3. Mungo Sunset
    Another great sunset on top of the Walls of China.
  4. Mungo National Park
    Stormy Sunset
  5. Brown Falcon Mungo
    Brown Falcon - Falco berigora
  6. Mungo Sunset Tour
    Mungo Sunset Tour Guided Walk
  7. Mungo Sunset Tour
    Sunset Picnic on top of the Walls of China.
  8. Mungo Sunset Tour
    Bearded Dragon on top of telephone pole.
  9. Mungo National Park
    Cranky pants - Shingleback Lizard - Tiliqua rugosa
  10. Mulga Parrot
    Mulga Parrot
  11. Mungo National Park
    Nankeen Kestrell - Falco cenchroides
  12. Mungo National Park
    Welcome Swallow - Hirundo neoxena
  13. Mungo National Park
    Ancient Eggshell - Probably Giant Mihirung bird not Genyornis
  14. Mungo National Park
    Satiny Bluebush - Maireana turbinata
  15. Mungo National Park
    Daisy Bush
  16. Mungo National Park
    Southern Whiteface - Aphelocephala leucopsis
  17. Eastern Grey
    Eastern Grey Kangaroo - Macropus giganteus
  18. Mungo National Park
    Stormy Day at Mungo
  19. Mungo National Park
    Locally known as Itchy Grubs
  20. Mungo National Park
    Black Bluebush - Maireana pyramidata
  21. Mungo National Park
    Emu - Dromaius novaehollandiae
  22. Mungo National Park
    Black Bluebush
  23. Hop-bush
  24. Mungo National Park
    Australasian Pipit - Anthus novaeseelandiae
  25. Mungo Sunset Tour Emu Print
    Emu foot-print
  26. Mungo Lunette
    Mungo Lunette
  27. Mungo Interpretive Centre
    Diprotodon - Mungo Interpretive Centre
  28. Aboriginal Art - Mungo Visitor Centre
    Aboriginal Art - Mungo Visitor Centre
  29. The Mungo Lunette Clay Formation
    The Mungo Lunette Clay Formation
  30. Mungo National Park
    Gumbi Gumbi Tree on top of clay formation
  31. Stunning Mungo Sunset
    Stunning Mungo Sunset
  32. Mungo National Park
    Sunset Picnic
  33. Mungo Sunset Selfie
    Mungo Sunset Selfie
  34. Picnic on top of the Walls of China
    Picnic on top of the Walls of China
  35. Mungo Sunset
    Mungo Sunset
  36. Mungo Sunset Colors
    Mungo Sunset Colors
  37. Guided Tour of the Walls of China
    Guided Tour of the Walls of China
  38. Mungo Magic Sunset
    Mungo Magic Sunset
  39. +
  40. The Common Scaly Foot
    The Common Scaly Foot - Pygopus lepidopodus
  41. Watching the sunset on top of the walls
    Watching the sunset on top of the walls
  42. Drone Sunset Selfie
    Drone Sunset Selfie
  43. Mungo Selfie
    Drone Selfie
  44. The Walls of China in the afternoon
    The Walls of China in the afternoon
  45. Photographic Tour with Frankston Photo Club
    Photographic Tour with Frankston Photo Club
  46. Sunset Photographic Session
    Sunset Photographic Session
  47. Mungo National Park
    Mungo Shearing Shed
  48. Mungo Lookout
    Mungo Lookout
  49.  Wedge-tailed eagle - Aquila audax
    Wedge-tailed eagle - Aquila audax
  50. Hairy-nosed Wombat
    Remains of a Hairy-nosed Wombat
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