Mungo National Park


Yanga National Park

Yanga 1/2 Day Tour
Water, Wood, Land and People
Tour Description

4 hours, pick up from your place of accommodation 'Balranald area' 10am.

Trip Includes:
  • All meals and plenty of water. We keep lots of "treats" on board the vehicle at all time. 
  • Morning tea at Yanga Woolshed. 
  • Exclusive access to Carter's bank wetlands. 
  • Yanga Lake guided bushwalk to the Teepee Tree.
  • Lunch at Yanga Homestead.
  • Visit Cook's Cottage Interpretive Centre.
  • Yanga Homestead Guided Tour. 


  • $80 per person (2 person min),
  • Family (2 Adults & 2 Children) $200,
  • Child $40
Accommodation in Balranald
Please click here to download a list of accommodation providers in Balranald.
Due to the unpredictable nature of travelling to remote areas, our itineraries are flexible and may change due to local conditions.
Special Diet
Whether you are diabetic, vegetarian or are on a gluten-free diet, all you need to do is let us know your special requirements when you book, and we can organise the supplies.
What to Bring
Good walking shoes, hat, camera, extra batteries, extra memory card, water and sunscreen. The rest leave it to us.

Bookings / Enquiries
0407 2670 87

We are fluent in Spanish. Por si es que no se habian dado cuenta somos mas Chilenos que los porotos. 
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  1. Yanga Day Tour
    The Murrumbidgee River
  2. Yanga National PArk
    Yellow Rosella - Platycercus elegans flaveolus
  3. Yanga Tour
    Whistling Kite - Haliastur sphenurus
  4. Yanga Woolshed
    Interpretive Displays - Yanga Woolshed
  5. +
  6. Yanga Woolshed
    Yanga Woolshed
  7. Yanga Day Tour
    Yanga Lookout
  8. Yanga Lake from the Homestead
    Yanga Lake from the Homestead
  9. Yanga Lake Bush Walk
    Yanga Lake Bush Walk
  10. Yanga Teepe Tree
    Yanga Teepe Tree
  11. Spitfire sawfly - Yanga National Park
    Spitfire sawfly - Yanga National Park
  12. Yanga Tour
    Lace Monitor - Varanus varius
  13. Emus - Yanga National Park
    Emus - Yanga National Park
  14. Gumleaf Grasshopper - Goniaea australasiae
    Gumleaf Grasshopper - Goniaea australasiae
  15. Superb fairywren - Malurus cyaneus
    Superb fairywren - Malurus cyaneus
  16. Yanga Woolshed - Interpretive Displays
    Yanga Woolshed - Interpretive Displays
  17. Yanga Day Tour
    Yanga Woolshed Guided Tour
  18. Yanga Woolshed Green Doors
    Yanga Woolshed Green Doors
  19. Yanga Day Tour
    Sacred Kingfisher - Yanga Woolshed
  20. Yanga Day Tour
    Yanga Lake Bushwalk
  21.  Yanga Lake Bushwalk
    Yanga Lake Bushwalk
  22. White-faced heron - Egretta novaehollandiae
    White-faced heron - Egretta novaehollandiae
  23.  Mistletoebird - Dicaeum hirundinaceum
    Mistletoebird - Dicaeum hirundinaceum
  24. Nankeen kestrel - Falco cenchroides
    Nankeen kestrel - Falco cenchroides
  25. Morning tea at Yanga Woolshed
    Morning tea at Yanga Woolshed
  26. The Murrumbidgee Yanga National Park
    The Murrumbidgee Yanga National Park
  27. Yanga Tour
    Yanga Manager's Office
  28. Yanga Tour
    Yanga Homestead Guided Tour
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